Hello and welcome to the CCU Nontra T site! After you read this page please check out the various blogs shown above and below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Coastal Carolina University students are the focus here – both the nontraditional and traditional. This blog is an open forum for us to communicate. If you are asking yourself “what are we supposed to talk about?” then you are at the right blog.

That very question and many others like: “What do nontraditional and traditional students have to say to one another?” or “Why should they even talk with one another?” or “Who cares if you are a nontraditional or traditional student?” are just a few reasons we need to communicate.

Additionally, there are other issues to explore through this blog, such as: “Why are there more women than men at CCU?” “Is the woman population @ CCU older than the men’s?” “Is our future more dependent on women than men?” How about: “In general, do women simply have more to say than men?”

As you can see the questions are just about endless; as are the answers. So, please accept this invitation to join this blog to explore all the possibilities betwixt nontraditionally traditional students and how or if gender is a main component in the mix.

Thank you again and I look forward to blogging with you!